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At Voxel, a few years ago we started a transformation that we intended to cover all levels of the company. On the organisational side, we introduced sociocracy, which has completely changed the way we organise ourselves and how we understand decision-making processes.

On the technical side, we started a training programme with the help of our friend Pedro Santos. Everyone in the development team (about 40 people) went through this programme that helped us align the whole development department. In addition, we thought it would be interesting to hire technical coaches to help the teams to transfer this knowledge to the day-to-day work, and thus we hired Vicenç García and Pedro Pardal.

But our obsession with training and continuous improvement does not end here. We have a weekly newsletter, a weekly brownbag session, the teams spend time sharing knowledge among themselves, we have slack channels dedicated to posting interesting news, a biweekly community of practice, an Angular community, etc.

We have learned a lot from the community throughout this process. Some of our sources are Twitter, blog articles, conferences… We think it’s about time to give some of this knowledge back and that’s why we wanted to launch this tech blog. We want to share with the community, on a regular basis, things that we have found interesting, especially based on real experiences of our day to day. We believe that what is most valuable is to explain solutions to problems we have encountered, or to explain the challenges we face and how we work to solve them. We do not intend to give great theoretical lessons, but to share our experiences in order to start a dialogue with you.

Welcome to our blog. We hope you find interesting what we post here. Let’s share!